The view from TBEX'12: Keystone, Colorado

A writer is a writer is a writer (or what I learned at TBEX’12)

I wasn’t going to go to TBEX. On the surface, the reason was financial—flights from Toronto to Denver aren’t cheap. But there was another reason a few layers below that, somewhere between fear, self-consciousness and existential writer angst. TBEX, if you don’t know, is the Travel Blog Exchange—an annual event “where new media travel writers…


Drinking in L.A.: A profile of a Hollywood legend, the Tiki Ti

This article originally appeard in the Hamilton Spectator, February 2008. Chris, my friend and tour guide while I was in Los Angeles, had ordered a death sentence of tequila. Called the “Blood and Sand,” I swear it’s a drink meant for those with numbed taste buds, livers of steel, or just a serious desire to…


Letting loose in Louisiana: Happy Mardi Gras!

Fat Tuesday—the last day of Mardi Gras—always gets me thinking about a trip I took to New Orleans several years ago with some girlfriends. By bus. (If I could offer just one piece of travel advice, it would be this: Don’t take a bus from Toronto to Louisiana.) Common sense should have told us better than to…