afarThe 9 Most Environmentally Harmful Things about Travel—and What to Do Instead

Carbon emissions, animal exploitation, water waste—there are a lot of eco-unfriendly factors that you could be contributing to without even realizing it. Here are nine common travel eco blunders…and how to fix them.

EDT-montrealTreat Yo’self: A Guide to Self-Indulgence in Romantic Montreal
Eat Drink Travel

There’s no such thing as bad romance in Montreal, even when it’s with yourself. Our short guide to self-indulgence in Montreal. Montreal, je t’aime!


Napa of the North articleNapa of the North: Niagara’s Trendsetting Ways
Taste & Travel

Niagara’s relative youth (its winemaking only really began to grow in the 1970s), combined with a unique geology and cooler, fluctuating temperatures, gives it an avant garde edge in an old tradition.


EDT-istanbulDowntown and Island Bound in Istanbul
Eat Drink Travel

It’s just after 6pm on a Tuesday in Istanbul. The line of traffic snakes down Kemeralti Caddesi, workers all heading toward the Bosphorus Bridge to take them out of the city’s downtown European core and home to the primarily residential Asian side.

EDT-ecoGoing Green on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia
Eat Drink Travel

Cape Breton Island offers a green paradise for eco-conscious travellers. Among the locals, there’s a genuine love for the land and meaningful commitment to preserving it. It’s not eco-tourism, it’s eco-living.


Cape Breton cuisine articleNova Scotia Has Plenty of Lobster Love & Foodie Finds in Cape Breton
Eat Drink Travel

Cape Breton has some of the world’s best seafood: lobsters fresh from the sea, scallops that put the town of Digby on foodie maps, and chowder that’s as much a part of the culture as tartans and the fiddle.

New Zealand articleNew Zealand’s Wild West
Travel+Escape Magazine

There are dinosaurs on New Zealand’s south island. My guide for our south island tour, Mike, tells me this as he drops us off at the Pororari River trailhead in Paparoa National Park.

TasteTravel-CubaCuba Libre
Taste & Travel

Tammy Burns heads to Havana in search of off-resort dining.



TorontoStar-IcelandIcelandic volcano fires up the imagination
Toronto Star

The Icelandic ash cloud has lifted, following the eruption of the infamous Eyjafjallajökull volcano, and flights have resumed. So has volcanic tourism.


TorontoStar-VolcanoIceland struggles to return to normal
Toronto Star

While much of the ash cloud that disrupted flights across Europe has diminished, the air here still smells like burnt asphalt as tourists drop in.


BlogTO-CheltenhamCheltenham Badlands and Forks of the Credit

When I was brainstorming ideas for what to do last weekend, a friend suggested the Badlands. Badlands? As in those Mars-like barren dunes you find out west? I told her that sounded swell and all, but a trip to Alberta was out of the question.

TorontoStar-BaliPre-dawn climb reveals ‘sun-sational’ view
Toronto Star

Panting and gasping, I attempt to scramble up the steep slope, slipping and stumbling on the rocks, fumbling in the darkness.


GlobeandMailEscaping the clutch of a monkey’s paw
Globe and Mail

While many of Bali’s temples are popular monkey hangouts, Ulu Watu on the island’s Bukit Peninsula is particularly notorious.

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  1. Tammy! Thanks so much for your very kind mention and link to my blog. I was just becoming grumpy and sad about laboring away in the trenches seemingly for naught. Your pingback definitely perked up my spirits.

    Nice site. Keep writing!

    • No prob, Kate. You’re a great writer. I’m happy to have found your blog and I look forward to reading more of your tales.

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